December 16th, 2017: Choreographer Spotlight

Choreographer: Lauren Crooks


How many years have you been in the Company?
“This is my 6th year in the company.”
How many years have you been choreographing?
“This is my 3rd year choreographing. 
What inspired you this year in your creative process?
“My creative process has been inspired by a realization of the beauty of individuality. My piece is characterized by different qualities of movement in which reflect the different personalities and life paths of  people. “
How does your concept for your piece relate to the concept “true you”?
“My piece relates to the concept of the “True You” because it exemplifies the beauty in having different  movement qualities, and movement vocabulary coming together in one piece: a reflection of the beauty in being unique and individual in a group of people. In both cases, diversity is what makes the compilation truly beautiful. “