Choreographer Spotlight 2020-2021 MaryKate!


MaryKate Frassinelli

How many years have you been in the company?

I have been in the company for 9 years!

How many years have you been choreographing?

This is my 5th year choreographing.

What is your dance about this year?

My dance is about self discovery and personal improvement. I’ve always identified myself with personality traits and qualities people describe me with. I’ve always felt a pressure to reach the expectations others have of me. In this new chapter of my life, I am ready to truly let go, and discover my own true identity and embrace who I am.

How have COVID restrictions affected your choreography? If any?

With COVID restrictions, there can’t be any physical contact and dancers have to be spread at least 6 feet apart. Not being able to use partner work with both weight sharing and physical touch has been challenging, but it has also allowed me to figure out new ways of choreographing and to also use the whole space of the studio.

Does your choreography connect with our theme? “Moving together while being apart.”

The concept of my piece relates to the theme of “Moving together while being apart”, because although I am figuring out my own identity, it has always been the people around me who made me who I am today. They will always be a part of my life, we’re still together even while I’m growing into my own person.

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