Choreographer Spotlight 2020-2021: Ella’s Piece!

Ella Dubiel

How many years have you been in the company?

This is my second year in the company.

How many years have you been choreographing?

This is my first year choreographing.

What is your dance about this year?

This year, my dance is based around the theme of simplicity amongst chaos. I find it important to look back on all that we have accomplished during the craziness of our day to day lives, and reflect on our experiences. 

How have COVID-19 restrictions affected your choreography? If any?

COVID-19 restrictions have definitely played a huge role in my choreography throughout my dance. Not being able to have the element of connection and touch in my piece has made it harder to convey the message of togetherness through rough circumstances, such as the past 10 months living with the pandemic. 

How does your choreography connect with our theme? “Moving together while being apart.”

Yes! Without being able to do partner work in my piece, I decided to present my theme as if each of my dancers are “living in their own world” so to speak, and having separate experiences that all have a common ground based off the theme of my dance. I expressed this through separate solo parts all throughout my dance, and matching the intensity of their movement to the musicality of my song choice.