2018 Spring Concert at The University of Saint Joseph “True You”

MK title
MK 3MK 2

Maiah title

Maiah Maiah 2

Libby title

LibbyLibby 2

Lauren title

Lauren 3Lauren 2

HH title

HH 6 HH 8

Coriana title

Coriana 3 Coriana

Charlotte title Charlotte 3Charlotte 2

Calah Title

Calah 2 Calah

Annie title

Annie 2 Annie 3

Tori title

Tori 5 Tori 4

Annelise title

Annelise 3 Annelise

Ubi title

Ubi 8Ubi 3

Co Piece Title

Co Piece 4 Co Piece 3 Co Piece 2Co Piece




2017 Spring Concert at The University of Saint Joseph “Eye of the Storm”

 Tori title

Tori (7) Tori (6) Tori (5)   Tori's Piece2

Storm title

Storm (3) Storm (2)

Sarah title

Sarah (3) Sarah (2)

MK title

MK2 MK 4

Maiah (3) Maiah


Moxie Dance Center 2016 “End of the Year Concert”

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2016 Spring Concert at The University of Saint Joseph “Unfolding”

Annelise Title   Annelise's pieceAnnelise 2_exposure


Annie Title

Annie 3Annie 2


Bella Title    Bella's piece Bella 5


Brian Title

Brian 2 Brian


Charlotte title

Charlotte 4 Charlotte 2


Co Piece title

Co Piece present  Co piece trioCo - bfuture grouppast grouppast group (2)


Coriana title Cori 2 Cori 4


Erin Title  Erin Erin's piece 2


Haley TitleHaley 3  haley


HH title HH groupHH prayer line
Helping Hands B & K


Kate title Kate 4  Kate better


Kayleigh titleKayleigh 2 Kayleigh 4

Lauren titleLauren 3  Lauren Libby Title Libby's kneeling Libby's poses


Maria titleMaria 2  Maria 4


Sarah titleSarah 2 Sarah 3


Senior piece title Sr piece 2 Sr piece