Upcoming Events

Saturday: January 27th 6pm

Sunday: January 28th 1pm

335 Bloomfield Ave. West Hartford, CT

Tickets will be available at the door.

$25 adults $20 Seniors/Students/Children

Adults, please bring your ID to enter the building

Step into the world of movement and grace with “The Laws of Motion,” a spectacular showcase brought to you by Figments Youth Dance Ensemble. This enchanting production unveils the artistry of 8 student-choreographed dances! Explore the intricacies of motion in a mesmerizing company piece, thoughtfully choreographed by our Assistant Director and alumni, Michelle Lockhart and an exciting new creation for our senior dancers by the talented guest choreographer and alumni, Kelly Silliman!

Our showcase also proudly features the annual “Helping Hands” dance. This heartfelt performance, choreographed by the visionary Heidi Klecak and premiered in 1994, has become a cherished tradition, showcasing the talents of different cast members each year.

“The Laws of Motion” not only promises an exhilarating experience but also embodies Figments Youth Dance Ensemble’s mission to inspire, empower, and nurture young dancers. Through the language of dance, we strive to foster creativity, discipline, and a deep appreciation for the beauty that unfolds when movement becomes an expression of the soul. Join us on this journey as we celebrate the magic of dance and the boundless potential it holds for our talented students. Don’t miss out on the excitement, innovation, and sheer joy of “The Laws of Motion” – where passion meets performance!

Can’t make it to the show? Our show will be LIVE! Sunday, 1/28 1pm

Live Stream LINK below!


Please consider our suggested $15 donation to view the live stream to help production costs!