Founded in 1993 by Heidi Klecak, Figments Youth Dance Ensemble began as a drama program of the Hartford Children’s Theatre. In its first season, the nine members produced a concert that included nine original pieces. Since then, the company has become an independent entity, with membership increasing yearly. The company supports itself in small part through student tuition and ticket sales. Primary funding is raised through an annual “Fund A Dance” Benefit, held each October. All donations are tax deductible.
The Figments Youth Dance Ensemble is a non-profit organization which offers young dancers a chance to work with peers who share a love for creativity. The students are mentored during their choreography process, are encouraged to explore movement invention through improvisation, and are taught performance skills. The ensemble holds regular rehearsals in the dance studios of Trinity College in Hartford, where it enjoys and appreciates a supportive relationship with the Theater and Dance Department.
FYDE is organized into Trainee, Apprentice, Junior and Senior members. Each season a Senior member is chosen to assist the Directors in the role of Rehearsal Director. All company members participate in dance technique classes while performing with Figments. The ensemble auditions in September and rehearses through February, when an annual season concert of original choreography is produced. The ensemble looks favorably on touring possibilities during the spring and summer.
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